“A Breath of Fresh Air. Makes My Heart Feel Good.” 

Professional musician (since 1976) Rahel began performing in 1976. Her musical career as a songwriter was launched in 1980 with her original song, Whisper by the Sea, which appears on the debut album of Israel’s first and leading all-woman band, Tofa’ah. She has a long list of credentials that can be viewed on this website.

Therapeutic Music Practitioner: (since 2004): Certified Clinical Musician. Rahel is a trained Music Practitioner. She provides music at bedside to the ill and dying and to all those who can benefit from it for healing, comfort and relief from stress and pain.

Music Education Specialist and Consultant (since 1986): Rahel is a certified instructor in the Cass-Beggs Listen Like Learn music programs. Rahel trains and certifies those interested in working musically with babies and young children aged from birth to seven years.

Cantorial Soloist: Rahel works with a number of rabbis throughout New England as a Cantorial Soloist (since 1998). She also teaches Hebrew.


Two-time winner of the English Songwriting Competition sponsored by the Israel Association of Canadians & Americans placing second for two consecutive years in 1996 and 1997.

Shem Tov Award in 2003for her dedication and commitment to strengthening the New Hampshire Jewish community.

Juried artist:

NH Council on the Arts

New England Foundation for the Arts  (N.E.F.A)

New England State Touring Artist (N.E.S.T)

In the Presence of Positive Women (IPPW)

New Hampshire Jewish Artist Connection

Sound Healers Association

Rahel in her own words: "Music, for me, has been a gateway to experiencing life and cultures from around the world. I particularly enjoy house concerts, open air markets and street singing because I can mingle and meet with extraordinary people."

Rahel began her musical studies at the Longy School of Music in Cambridge, MA where she learned piano, recorder and solfeges. She played the flute and sang in the choir at public school. 

At age fourteen Rahel took up the guitar which became her main musical instrument. She learned guitar according to the Berklee College of Music guitar method and continued her music studies in Israel at the Jerusalem Academy of Music and Dance. Rahel went on to study music and guitar mastery privately with Eitan Zahavi, Avner Strauss and Aharoni Ben Ari and performed/composed with Victor Azus. She began writing songs in the early 1970's which were initially performed and recorded when she became a founding member of Israel's leading all-woman band, "Tofa'ah". 

Rahel's musical versatility enables her to perform as a soloist and with a number of musicians worldwide and in a variety of musical styles and genres. She appears regularly at clubs and coffeehouses in the USA and Internationally. Rahel sings in English, Hebrew, Yiddish, French and other languages. Rahel's numerous recordings include original music for children and adults alike. 

A professional working musician since 1976, Rahel has a long list of credentials as a songwriter, performing and recording artist. 

A Therapeutic Music Practitioner since 2004, Rahel provides music at bedside to the ill and dying and to all those who can benefit from it for healing, comfort and relief from stress and pain.

A specialist in Music Education since 1984, Rahel offers certification to those who would like to work musically with babies and young children.

Rahel works with a number of rabbis throughout New England as a Cantorial Soloist (since 1998).