Eclectic, ambient, world fusion and new age, instrumental music that is calming, soothing and refreshing all at once! Instrumental music played on guitar and flute. 


Two songs recorded as part of a collaborative musical project for THE HEALING LIGHT PROJECT - AFRICA. Proceeds support the project. 

1. Before Mountains (Psalm 90) - Music by Rahel. Performed by Rahel and Amavevane Performing Arts. Recorded in Johannesburg at the Digital Cupboard Studio, Ian Osrin owner. Engineered by Jacques. 

2. Peace; Dream Come True - Music by Future Ndex Moyo. Performed by Amavevane Performing Arts and Rahel. Recorded in Johannesburg at the Digital Cupboard Studio, Ian Osrin owner. Engineered by Jacques.



(review by Victoria Arico)   I am not afraid when life turns me around, sings Rahel in "Where I'm Bound", and that sentiment reflects the tone of this whole collection of songs. Many express a sense of wandering lost, yet there is an ever-present underlying courage and hope that the journey is purposeful and worthwhile despite the trials. The songs share a common spirit, as if the composer was on the cusp of a sad ending and a hopeful new beginning. I enjoyed the powerful harmonies and sparkling mandolin in "Time Passes By" and "Hey Love". I liked the unusual strumming pattern used to punctuate the beat in "Hey Love" - wow, what a song of joy! Clearly a woman of great faith, she can cover many emotional bases through the language of music alone. The beautiful chord progressions and quiet vocals in "Babylon" tenderly express hope rising out of sorrow. Rahel reminds me of Suzanne Vega in that she sounds like she's speaking in tones. I like the quiet softness in "Pierrot" (a lovely song) and the hard-drivin' style vocals and harmonies in "Straight in the Eye". "Golden sun, rainbow colored skies surround you as you go. Move forward arms open wide, you've nothing to do but grow": That's the joyful philosophy of life, in 3/4 time from "Whenever You're You". A gifted, soulful songwriter, Rahel has a lot to say, and she says it well with this beautiful, diverse, collection of songs.

Weaving ancient Hebrew text together with the positive healing vibrations of music, this 3-disc CD is a one-of-a-kind collection of beautiful and compelling songs, chants and melodies that inspires Divine connection and profound inner healing. 

Isn't it good. Isn't it fine. Coming together as ONE. Rahel takes you on a joyous musical journey that highlights creativity, faith and the goodness of life. Features artists: REBBESOUL, TOFA'AH, ROOTES and MIKIAL ROBERTSON

New original versions of well known and loved Jewish songs, prayers and blessings

Sing the timeless words of Benjamin Britten, Sir William S. Gilbert, William Blake and Robert Louis Stevenson. This musical tribute to some great literary and musical talents will inspire further exploration of eras past yet not forgotten. A marvelous way to stimulate and inspire research, movement, art projects, poetry, songwriting, and storytelling.

A classic for children of all ages. Songs that tickle the imagination in a folk/country acoustic style. Jump in! Let your imagination loose! Learn the songs, act them out, create your own musical.

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