Artist Endorsements

  • "A gifted, soulful songwriter, Ann Rachel has a lot to say in her CD, Time Passes By, and she says it well. 'I am not afraid when life turns me around', sings Rahel in Where I'm Bound, and that sentiment reflects the tone of this whole collection of songs. Many express a sense of wandering lost, yet there is an ever-present underlying courage and hope that the journey is purposeful and worthwhile despite the trials. The songs share a common spirit, as if Ann was on the cusp of a sad ending and a hopeful new beginning. I can hear the empowerment of a woman starting over. I enjoyed the powerful harmonies and sparkling guitar in Time Passes By and Hey Love. I liked the unusual strumming pattern Rahel uses to punctuate the beat in Hey Love - wow, what a song of joy! Clearly Rahel is a woman of great faith, and she can cover many emotional bases through the language of music alone. Although I don't understand Hebrew, the beautiful chord progressions and quiet vocals in Babylon tenderly express hope rising out of sorrow. Rahel's singing style is like Suzanne Vega's in that she sounds like she's speaking in tones; there is no vibrato (except for the very first sound in Pierrot). I like the quiet softness of her singing in Pierrot (a lovely song) better than the hard-drivin' style vocals in Straight in the Eye, but on the other hand, I really love the hard-drivin' harmonies. 'Golden sun, rainbow colored skies surround you as you go. Move forward arms open wide, you've nothing to do but grow': That's Rahel's joyful philosophy of life, in 3/4 time from Whenever You're You. A gifted, soulful songwriter, she has a lot to say, and she says it well with this beautiful, diverse, collection of songs.

Endorsements from Seniors:  

"I love the music. You sing wonderful"

"I feel alive. I'll carry this with me all day!"

"I was having a bad day... until now." 

"Thank you so much. You're really helping us.


"I am writing to express my family’s thanks for the provision of some Jewish religious activities over the past several weeks at the nursing home. Although my father has memory difficulties, the traditions that have been part of his life and identity for almost ninety years remain important to him. New Hampshire’s Jewish population is small and concentrated in the largest urban areas. Knowledgeable leaders and group observances are not often found in outlying towns.  As a former geriatric social worker, I am very familiar with the inability of most small communities to respond to the needs of minority religious groups in senior care settings. The nursing home is very fortunate to have you on staff. Your knowledge and interests have combined with the needs of the Jewish residents to create an enriching experience that many other facilities cannot offer. I truly appreciate this." - Amy K.


Endorsements for Therapeutic Music 

“I have known and worked with Rahel in various musical contexts for many years, most recently in her role as "music at the bedside" provider for Home Health and Hospice Care in Merrimack, NH. Besides being an excellent musician with a rich, broad repertoire, Rahel is an unusually caring and attentive person, able to connect with patients and staff members through the gift of her music. I have a great deal of respect for Rahel's work and am always happy to collaborate with her.”  --  Basil Harris, Jr., Founder & Principal, Marketstreams Marketing Consulting worked with Rahel at Community Hospice House

"Thank you for sharing your gifts with my sister. She was blessed to have you come into her life. You had such an enormous impact on her in helping her find how Judaism fit into her life. You filled a void in her life that no-one else could, not just as a teacher, but as a compassionate bearer of peace, comfort, faith, spirit and friendship. After your visits she was always happier and genuinely uplifted. She loved when you sang and she repeatedly played your CD. You were a significant help to her peace of mind. People like you are rare." - - Marcia, sister to Arlene who succumbed to cancer

“The music is so beautiful, powerful at times, and awakening at others. It organically connects my mind/body to the experience and helps give myself permission to move, breathe, feel in a very visceral way.” – Stacey

"I am a woman 56 years old, my situation of life is not easy at the moment. Many times I feel depressed, and your music helps me to feel better. - Maria

"I was on F.B and got a link to your site, I want to say, "Todah", and share with you my story. Back in 1995 I was addicted to many hard drugs. I tried counseling and the like but then I came to "Adonai" and some healing tapes of just beautiful soft music such as yours that I would listen to.  One night my flesh tried to get me running back for a fix but I laid still crying it out. The music was so magical and I allowed it to become like a salve over me; a balm. I felt it rivet inside of me like never before and I won the battle that night and many others. I've been clean and sober ever since. Music is healing. May your ministry increase... thank you." - A