Your Child Needs Music

by Rahel (Ann Rachel)

Released 2000
Released 2000
A treasure trove of traditional and original nursery rhymes for babies and tots. Also available as: LISTEN LIKE LEARN with MOTHER GOOSE ON THE LOOSE at:
Children will sing before they speak. The singing enables them to acquire language. Music helps your child with concentration, focus and memory. It encourages a child's curiosity. Your child will begin to move and dance to the music which encourages brain activity. Music is a perfect way to start your child living and learning in this wonderful world!

Rahel is loved for her toe tapping, foot stomping, wild & zany hands-on musical experiences for kids of all ages. This CD, filled with a huge selection of well-loved children's songs, rhymes & fingerplays, along with some great originals by music education pioneer, Barbara Cass-Beggs, and by Rahel too, will mesmerize your child at home or on the go. You'll catch them singing, moving, dancing, twisting, turning, jumping, tickling, wiggling, playing on instruments and relaxing! This CD is action-packed and full of fun for everyone. Kids want to hear it over and over again. Pack it in baby's tote bag. Have it ready for every ocassion! Believe me - it's a whole lot better than sitting your child in front of a video, tv or computer!

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