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Your Child Needs Music: Music for Infants to Two Years

   Courses are given for those wishing to work with parents and their babies (ages birth to 2 or 3 years).  

   The YOUR BABY NEEDS MUSIC course is covered in a 24-hour term and includes homework and observation of other baby classes. The required textbook for the course is Your Baby Needs Music by Barbara Cass-Beggs.

   A list of additional reference books is supplied. In special circumstances it is possible to arrange an intensive course which can be completed in three days.

   Prospective teachers should love children and be able to sing in tune.


Listen Like Learn: Music for Ages 2-7 Years

   Courses are given to train teachers to work in Barbara Cass-Beggs' Listen Like Learn music program for children aged from 2-7 yrs.

   Prospective teachers should be able to read music, preferably have taken and Early Childhood Education course or have the equivalent teaching skills, and play an instrument.

   The L.L.L. training course is covered in a 40-hour term that includes homework and observation of other children's music classes. Under special circumstances, it is possible to arrange an intensive course that can be completed in five days. The required textbook for the course is Your Child Needs Music by Barbara Cass-Beggs. A list of additional reference books is supplied. 


Mother Goose on the Loose
© 2010 Mother Goose on the Loose | Dr. Betsy Diamant-Cohen | Executive Director

   Mother Goose on the Loose is the award-winning early-literacy program for children from birth to age 3 with their parents or caregivers.

   Created by Mother Goose on the Loose Executive Director Dr. Betsy Diamant-Cohen, this innovative program is based on research which shows that children learn best through routine and repetition in a nurturing environment. 

   Mother Goose on the Loose uses a variety of activities, such as rhymes, songs, puppets and instruments to foster speech development, motor coordination, self-confidence, and sensitivity to others.

   Mother Goose on the Loose is different than any other lapsit program. It is composed of ten consecutive sections, utilizing a formula of 80% repetition fr om week to week. Combined with positive reinforcement and developmental tips for caregivers, this easy-to-plan and easy-to-implement program helps children develop all the skills they need in order to be ready for school.

   The program integrates best practices from baby storytime and includes developmental tips for adults. Musical activities are patterned after “Your Baby Needs Music” using the “Listen, Like, Learn” approach. Developed by the late Barbara Cass-Beggs, a true visionary of children’s learning, this method helps children learn music in a very effective way, creating an optimal learning environment.

   Mother Goose on the Loose is available in EnglishSpanish, and Hebrew.

   There is also an inclusive version for children with special needs. Learn more (links to description of workshops page which follows).

   To see a short video about Mother Goose on the Loose created by the Enoch Pratt Free Library in Baltimore, click here!


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