The links on this page will bring you to additional websites to learn more about Rahel's many talents. 


FUNDING for Traditional Folklife & Healthcare Arts

@ Creative Ground 


1. Blog

2. YouTube Channel: Rahelsings



1. Music Practitioner, CCM: Music for Healing, Transition and all those who can benefit from Music Medicine; Music at Bedside and for funerals and memorial services. Certification: Harp for Healing

2. Hebrew Psalms - Tikkun HaKlali: Musical Compositions sung in Hebrew - drawn on the Psalms. 

3. Radio Airplay: Rahel's music on Jango Internet Radio

4. Reverbnation: Interactive Music website

5. Tofa'ah: The Phenomenal Jewish Women's Band - Rahel is a co-founding member



1. LISTEN LIKE LEARN MUSIC: Work musically with babies and young children; Become a Certified Teacher

2. Learn GUITAR with RAHEL 

3. Learn HEBREW with Rahel

5. Kit & Caboodle: Original Songs that Tickle the Imagination (CD & Performances)

6. ISRAEL IS REAL: Radio Archive