New Liturgy By Rahel

by Rahel

Released 2015
Released 2015
New original versions of well known and loved Jewish songs, prayers and blessings.
You are a being of Light, Love and Joy! To pray is a profoundly individual as well as a joyous communal experience. When we chant or sing our experience is elevated to a new level. My work as a cantorial songleader inspired me to write new music to daily prayers, blessings and songs. Sung in HEBREW. Please introduce, sing and share these new liturgical works with your community. Be sure to honor the composers with proper credit when you do!

Some reviews include:
"Thank YOU! I have sung this song [Refuah Sheleimah] three times at different private healing services. You should know - it carries an incredible energy with it- and the last one I used it for - one of my brides healing from her 2nd miscarriage - finally got pregnant and had a full term birth of a perfect baby girl." - Cantor Debbi Ballard

"I cannot stop playing this very moving and powerful song and prayer.I am sharing it with everyone I know who could use healing prayers and wishes." Lynda G. · GCU - Grand Canyon University

"This is a gift...the melody & lyric; very comforting...thank you." - Susan M.

"This is absolutely gorgeous" - Judy Caplan Ginsburgh · Professional Singer

"I performed a healing and renaming ceremony for a young woman who is one of my most special clients (and an incredibly close friend). Her Mom, Aunt, and family friend were with us, and I began this ceremony by teaching them this song [Refuah Sheleimah], and we all sang it together, over and over. Every one of us were just so moved, there were tears everywhere." - Cantor Debbi Ballard · Jewish and Interfaith Wedding Officiant at My Personal Cantor

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