Tofa'ah; The Sound of Joyous Song

by Tofa'ah

Released 1984
Indie - Jewish Contemporary Music
Released 1984
Indie - Jewish Contemporary Music
Contemporary Jewish Music by Israel's #1 all-woman band, "Tofa'ah".
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  • 02:39 Story Lyrics Halleluka (Psalm 150)

    Halleluka (Psalm 150)

    Halleluka, sing to HaShem

    Praise the L-rd with a new song

    Praise G-D with the harp and the violin

    Praise G-D with the drum and dance

    Praise G-D with strings and flutes

    Praise G-D with resounding cymbals

    Praise G-D with loud crashing cymbals

    Let everything that has breath

    Praise the L-rd, Halleluka!

  • 03:40 Story Ashrei Ish
  • 02:23 Story Lyrics Shira Chadasha

    Shira Chadasha (From the morning prayers)


    The redeemed people sang a new song of praise to Your Name at the seashore

    The all in unison gave thanks and proclaimed, "HaShem shall reign forever and ever"

  • 03:56 Story Lyrics Menuchat Shabbat / Sabbath Peace

    This beautiful instrumental composition was born in Ohio when my good friend, Terry (Oovabloe) and I were sitting outside on a bench visiting. When we listened back to the cassette recording we noticed the locusts had also been singing together with us very beautifully. The original title of the song was, "Locust Lullaby".

  • 01:53 Story Lyrics Mimkomo

    c Rabbi A. Saslow z"l / Arranged by Tofa'ah

    Kedusha from the Shabbat Mussaf prayers



    From G-D's high abode may G-D turn with compassion and be gracious to the people who proclaim G-D's Oneness

    Evening and morning twice every day with love recite the "shema". "Shema Yisrael".

  • 04:00 Story Lyrics M'silot Bilvavam

    Psalm 84


    M'silot Bilvavam

    My soul longs and faints for the courts of HaShem

    My heart and my flesh cry out for the living G-D

    Happy is the one whose strength is in You, in whose hearts are Your paths

    For a day in Your courts is better than a thousand

    I had rather be at the threshold in the house of my G-d

    Then dwelling in the tents of wickedness

    Oh L-rd of Hosts

    Happy is the one who trusts in You

  • 04:37 Story Lyrics Lachash al haYam/Whisper by the Sea

    C 1984 Rahel aka Ann R. Silverman-Limor

    Arrangement: Tofa'ah


    The lyrics are originally in Hebrew. After twenty years singing in Hebrew I finally was able to provide a decent translation and sing it in English too. However, this version is in Hebrew only. You can find the English version on my website or on youtube etc. This song also appears on my CD: Hinay Ma Tov


    Whisper By The Sea c 1981 Ann Rachel Silverman-Limor, revised 2000 



    Migrant gulls


    Speckle the shoreline and you…


    Are there



    The waves,


    They come and they go  and you


    Are there



    Thinking, thoughts of the day


    You want to run…


    Run away    …        Am7 Em9



    The wind

                                                      C9   B9     Em9

    Whispers a message that you don’t hear….      Am7 Em9






    Changing their faces and you




    While the sea


    Shelters her secrets as you

    B9           Em9

    Turn   away. 

          C9      B9

    As you - turn



    Away  …       Am7 Em9

  • 03:19 Story Lyrics Anim Z'mirot

    An'im Z'mirot c 1984 Rabbi A. Saslow z"l

    from Hymns of Glory

    G-D's glory rests on me, and mine on G-D

    G-D is near to me when I can G-D

    May my meditations be sweet to You

    For all my being is yearning for You

    I sing hymns and compose songs

    Because my soul yearns for You


  • 01:51 Story Lyrics Hineini


    Here I am 

    Ready to accept Your instructions HaShem

    Just teach me

    I am willing to learn and to do

    Because I believe in Your Toran and in its instructions

  • 02:48 Story Lyrics Kayn T'chayaynu

    From the Amidah prayer

    Kayn T'chayaynu

    May You grant us life and sustenance

    And gather our exiles to Your Holy courts

    To observe the laws and to do Your will

    And to serve You with a perfect heart

  • 02:42 Story Lyrics New Moon

    This is the original version of this song. This song also appears on my CD: Hinay Ma Tov


    This is the poem that accompanies the song (there is also a Hebrew version): 


    NEW MOON c 1983 Ann R.S. Limor

    Woman .

    Moon .

    With each new moon comes a new woman.

    Life is a cycle she carries within her.


    Celebrate your covenant with God.

    You are unique and full

    As the moon is light in the darkness.

    Flow with new life of coming months.

    Moon .

    Celebrate woman!

  • 03:11 Story Lyrics V'karev

    From the Mussaf from Festivals



    Unite our scattered people from among the nations

    And gather our dispersed from the far ends of the earth

    And bring us to Zion Your city and to Jerusalem Your sanctuary

    With everlasting joy

  • 01:26 Story Lyrics Bat Sheva

    Bass - Rahel

    Percussion - Yona

Each person has his/her own G-D given characteristics and talents, and our lives are our opportunity to take those gifts and use them to praise G-D. There is no greater joy than being able to use our unique strengths for a positive spiritual purpose. "Tofa'ah" has taken their musical instruments, voices and song to praise G-D.

"Tofa'ah" is a group of seven women musicians living in Israel. Their music speaks of the individual struggles and joys every human being experiences as well as the collective experiences of the Jewish people. At their concerts, performed for women in accordance with Jewish law (halachah), they have brought women together through their joyous song. it is our hope that you will join us in singing these songs.

"Let every being praise G-D!" (Psalm 150)

c 1984 by Tofa'ah

Vocals: Tehilla Courtney (Schwab)and Laiya
Violin: Rahel Kohn (Kantrowitz)
Flute: D'vorah Kohn (Belinki)
Guitar: Rahel aka Ann R. Silverman-Limor
Bass: Linda Levine (ben Avraham)
Percussion/Drum: Yona T. Saslow (Yacobovitz)

Produced by: Shalom LeVine
Recording Engineers: Yoel Greenfeld, Shalom LeVine
Graphics & Cover Design: Sharon Binder

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