Before Mountains בטרם הרים יולדו

Rahel with Amavevane Performing Arts
Rahel aka Ann R. Silverman-Limor



The beautiful lyric is from Psalm 90, verse 2. The music is composed by Rahel. The performance on this recording is by Rahel and Amavevane Performing Arts, Recording in South Africa at the Digital Cupboard Studio, Ian Osrin owner. The song was produced for THE HEALING LIGHT PROJECT.

This beautiful arrangement combines the talents of Rahel with Amevavene Performing Arts, a vocal group originally under the direction of Mr. Future Ndex Moyo. This group is from Zimbabwe now living in Johannesburg. They sing traditional Africa songs in a style called "Isacathamiya" - preserving traditional African folklore through song and dance.

Rahel brings a fusion of musical styles drawn from her Jewish heritage, American folk traditions and living in Israel. 

We hope this song will bring you peace within to inspire peace in the world


B’terem Harim Yuladu Psalm 90; 2 

בְּטֶרֶם, הָרִים יֻלָּדוּ--    וַתְּחוֹלֵל אֶרֶץ וְתֵבֵל
וּמֵעוֹלָם עַד-עוֹלָם,    אַתָּה אֵל

Before the mountains were born. Before you set forth the earth and the inhabited world.

From world to world You are ...   HaShem

B’te-rem ha-rim yu-la-du, va-t’kho-lel e-retz v’te-vel ] x2

U-meh-o-lam ad o-lam A-tah Kel ] x4

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