Fan Letter: To Dylan from Israel

Lyric: Esther Cameron, Music: Ann R. Silverman-LImor aka Rahel





Lyric: Esther Cameron

Music: Rahel (Ann R. Silverman-Limor)

Recorded in Ma'aleh Adumim, Israel

Mix & Master by Gilead Limor in London, England


Esther and I met at a Sabbath dinner one Friday night in Ma'aleh Adumim, Israel. Our friend had a hunch we might get along. We did. Esther is a poet and author. I"m a singer-songwriter. We kind of matched in our artistic sense. Esther shared her poetry with me. As I looked at this poem I could clearly hear the music a la Bob Dylan. I asked her if she'd like to put it to music and she agreed. 


The music came pretty quickly. The phrasing of the lyric took a bit of thought to make it very Dylanesque. I wanted to give it an early 1960's Bob Dylan style with the simple acoustic guitar chord progression and strumming. The melody was repetitive - verse after verse - with a few lines changed for a simple variety. 


The phrasing of the lyric was most interesting to me. Where to accent, which words to emphasize, and the run on sentences that extended over the given measures and the sentences that were too short to fill the measures. 

It's a good song overall with a good message: How about the world give Israel some well deserved positive recognition for a change! 




c Lyric: Esther Cameron, Music: Rahel (Ann R. Silverman-Limor)


Dear Bob Dylan - This may be the 1300th time I’ve thought of writing you

But didn’t think I could climb to where I’d be visible

From the high place you’ve won for yourself

What star wants to hear from a wannabe

From one and the million and one whose songs never sell


Yes, you’re way up there. Everybody thinks they can see you

Do you ever look down or do you figure you have no reason to?

We have lived with your words have you heard all the echoes of your refrain?

Just once I thought I heard you say / you wondered if it had all been in vain?


Were do you live now? Is it mostly in New York or in L.A.?

I am writing to you from Israel, do you think that sometime again / you might pass this way?

You know we’re still the neighborhood bully - We could use a bit of support here and there

And it just might turn some people around if you’d write another song stating that you still care


It sure would be good to see you standin’ tall against the Judean Hills

That picture would be worth a million words and a whole lot of thousand dollar bills

 It would take some guts but who knows, that just might catch on

And I think that you might find it worthwhile

When you look back on the things that you’ve done


Well I hope this can reach you

Most likely you would rather be left alone

Than hear from a fan of yours and Joan’s in a daybreak that’s long gone

It’s getting darker now - The sun of our youthful visions has set

But the sun seems to keep on rising here

It’s here I’m still gonna place my bet

It’s here I’m still gonna place my bet


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