Giver of the Law

Ann R. Silverman-Limor aka Rahel



CD: Time Passes ByHinay Ma Tov, Track 7 (Revised)

From my window, from my window – I can see out in the darkness

In the darkness, in the darkness – I can see there in the shadow
In the shadow, in the shadow – There’s a fire all a-glow

All a-glow, all a-glow – See the light shine from above;

From my window…

See the light shine, see the light shine – From a bush set a - fire 

Set a - fire, set a - fire – Hear the voice resound like thunder
Hear the thunder, hear the thunder – From the top of a high mountain 

From a mountain, from a mountain – Comes the giver of the law; 
See the light shine…

Here is the god of the people – here is the law of the land
Here is the union of Heaven and earth – here is the dawning of Man 

Here there is Soul, there is Spirit – Here there is Love of the One
Here there is Holy communion – here is what we must become
One people after a fall – One people  hearing the call - 

One people seeing it all – Standing completely in awe
One people …   One G-d  -  One people loving One G-d

One people ….  One G-d  -  One people loving One G-d

Ain Sof      -    LaNetzakh   -   Ohr HaRuach 

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