I Cannot Walk Away

Rahel; Sue Hurwitz
Ann R. Silverman-Limor aka Rahel


This version of the song was recorded "live" as part of Mary Wheelan's tv show, THE SONG. 

Written by Rahel, who also sings and plays the guitar. Sue Hurwitz on the flute. 


I Cannot Walk Away © 2000 Ann Rachel (Silverman-Limor) KEY Fm


Fm9                                             Eb (add 9)

I must have loved you once; a love so deep, so true.

          Dbmaj7                Eb                      Fm9

Your presence now is more than I can bear.

      Fm9                                     Eb (add 9)

My heart cannot be still while I am by your side.

   Dbmaj7        Eb                      Fm9

And I cannot walk away from you.


   Eb                  Db             Fm                  Ebadd9

I want to run away. Take back the night and the day.

                   Bbm7 Ab          Eb                  Gbmaj7 Fm7        Eb

But you are still here with me... You are   still     here with me...

   Dbmaj7        Eb                     Fm9

And I cannot walk away from you.


From you...

     Db             Eb                     Fm9

No, I cannot walk away from you....



ll Bbm7 l Cm7 l Fm l Fm7 l Dbmaj7 l E l Fm9 l % :ll


l Gm7 l Dm7 l Bbm7 l Cm7 l Ab l Dbmaj7 l Cm l % l % l % l


ll: Fm l Cm l Dbmaj7 l Eb :ll x3


ll  Fm l Cm l Bbmaj7 l Eb ll x7


ll: Fm9 :ll x8


       Fm9                                Eb (add 9)

You are the one I love. My heart it cannot lie.

     Dbmaj7            Eb                Fm9

Will this affliction ever find release?

Fm9                       Eb (add 9)

Caring as we do; There must be a way.

   Dbmaj7      Eb                      Fm9

For I cannot walk away from you.


I want to run away…

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