My Sweet Land

Rahel (Ann Rachel)
Rahel (Ann Rachel)


This song came to me as a vision. A young couple living in the mountains by a river. There's a cabin. The woman is sitting on the doorstep gazing out to the river. The man is paddling a canoe down the river. It's peaceful, tranquil, serene, hopeful...


MY SWEET LAND 1982 CD: Time Passes By, Track 5

Another original first. The vision: A little house by a stream with lots of beautiful green hills. I sit at the doorstep with the "child within". My man is canoeing down the stream. Peace and tranquility abound.

See the hillside over yonder. There's my baby over there.At his doorstep he is singing a lullaby.

And the child that sleeps within me. Nestles peaceful in his soul.

In my dreams I catch a glimpse as I cast a sigh.

And we are sailing on a river leading hopes and dreams afar.

In my life I've had a million.  Still I close my eyes to dream up more.

Through the mountains and the hillsides of my sweet land.

For the moment I have rested, I can hear him singing gently.

Over yonder on the hillside I send my gaze...  

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