Rise Up Singing

Rahel & Rootes
Rahel aka Ann Silverman-Limor


This is a DEMO recording of this song! It features the band "Rootes" with Jason "Skulls" Paul on the bass, Andre Dumont on the drums and guest artist, Mikial Robertson on lead guitars. 


RISE UP SINGING c 1997 Ann R.S. Limor


Em    G D Em              G D Em       GD Em                 GD

Sunshine shining down. Moonlight lighting the way.

Em           G D   Em                G D

Hand in hand, we are walking.

Em            G D          Em          G       D     Em GD Em

Talking about the dawning of a new day.


Children play in the playground. Mom's and dad's shoot the breeze.

Arm in arm, we are sitting. Talking about the dawning of a new day.


                       A           Am                                   D           Em    G D Em

Open your eyes.  Awaken your soul and rise up singing!

                A        Am                                        D   Em    GD             Em    G      D …

You and I will welcome the peace we are bringing.            Rise up singing!


Stand up, make yourself known. We all make a difference!

One by one we are changing. Together we'll see the dawning of a new day.


Open your eyes …

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