Soul Solitary

Rahel & Rootes
Rahel aka Ann Silverman-Limor


This is a DEMO recording.

Wow. This is a song. It expresses extreme loneliness. I had made a home and a life in beautiful rural New Hampshire where each season brings with it scenes of awesome natural beauty. In winter the snows cover vast expanses of land with pure and natural whiteness; in the spring the flowers come out to usher in beautiful summer days. The fall foliage never fails to show off the splendor of God’s awesome creation. Yet, even with all that, without love and without friendship, all I could see and feel was solitude and loneliness. My life felt like a stark desert. Sometimes my life as a musician feels like this. You wonder when you will ever touch someone’s heart with your melodies or lyric. You wonder if anyone will ever notice you, your songs, and your life’s work. 


SOUL SOLITARY  2001  Myspace 

In the midst of the lush summer green, and the golden brown orange of fall.

I am but just one single soul. I am here in a desert.

Extending my hand as I turn. Gazing in every direction.

I’m lost in a strong gust of wind and I’m covered in dust.     

Yet I feel I’ve been touched by the ALL. A presence in me I can feel.

I call You to break down the walls. Please give me Your hand.

Break me loose from this sleepy haze. Enveloped complete so am I.

Standing alone in the dust. I hear no one answer.  

Why must I stand here alone? Why must I touch no one? Why must I remain a soul solitary?     

Humbled before You I kneel. So scattered. I hang my head.

In silence I pray You will hear this prayer of the numb.

For love surely I’m worthy still, of standing alone never more.

I’m wanton of Your guiding hand; for strength and for courage.

Why must I stand here alone? Why must I touch no one? Why must I remain a soul solitary

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