The Gift

Rahel aka Ann Silverman-Limor


Award-winning song!

This song won 2nd place in the AACI English Songwriter Contest in Israel (1997).



THE GIFT 1997 ** AACI Songwriting Competition Winner

Empty space and empty time - lead to rhythm and to rhyme

When all I've got and all that's mine - I give to you - the gift

In turning over all the pages - all the days that one engages

All the wisdom of the ages - I give to you - the gift

Where one can gather all the dreams - Of how it is and how it seems

And question, still, what it all means - This is for you - the gift

Sit humbly now as we grow old - collecting stories to be told

We dare to be forever bold - we give to you - the gift

When on that day, when in the end - When death is waiting 'round the bend

It is in love we leave, my friend - We leave to you - the gift

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