Whenever You're You

Rahel (Ann Rachel)
Rahel (Ann Rachel)


I didn't like this song and didn't perform it much until my good friend told me it was one of her favorites. 


WHENEVER YOU'RE YOU 1997CD; Time Passes By, Track 7

Take life one day at a time now - take it nice and slow

Take time to look all around you got everywhere to go

See the greens, the blues and the yellows jumping out at you

Light, heavy, easy or mellow - anything will do

Whenever you're you; whenever you're you

Loud thunder, bright bolts of lightning - wonders of the world

Stars shining, white moon a-rising - every boy and girl

Gaze fondly, reach for each other - embracing gentle winds

Be there for now and forever - hear the heavens sing

Whenever you're you;  whenever you're you

Take flight, go where your wings do fly. 

Stay low or climb to a higher high

Reach out, follow your heart - expand. 

Near or far, wherever yu land it's grand

Whenever you're you; whenever you're you

Golden sun, rainbow colored skies surround you as you go

Move forward eyes open wide, you've nothing to do but grow

Each day is your very first birth-day, celebrate it with ease

Live life with each loving moment - happy, full and free

Whenever you're you; whenever you're you

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