Hi Fans, 

   My apologies for being absent for a long time. I've been traveling for the past year. It's been a very good year for personal exploration and growth. My journey has proven to be an inward one which is the reason for my lack of communication. 

   To bring you up to date: January 2018 I sold my house in NH. March 2018 I went to Israel for my daughter's wedding and stayed until July. July 2018 I traveled to South Korea where I still am. 

   South Korea is a wonderful country, very clean, respectful, safe and where one can enjoy the many technological advances in daily living. It is also a country where arts and culture, traditional and contemporary, all thrive. As a musician it is very inspiring to be here. I have learned about the beautiful traditional instruments and am especially intrigued by Pansori singing

   I came to South Korea to learn about passion. I wanted to learn more about putting more passion into my own singing. Koreans seem to have nailed it. 

   I believe that I am definitely getting much better now in bringing forth more passion to my singing and music. 

   I lived in Busan for five months where I totally and completely loved BUSKING (street singing) at Haeundae beach. I will soon return to Busan now that the weather will soon be warmer again.

   For now I am in Seoul where I have been since January 10th. Seoul is very different than Busan. It's a huge city like NY or LA. It's not easy to find a niche here. Mostly I have continued to be introspect learning more about my personal journey - which has become quite the journey indeed. However, it is fairly easy to book shows in the local clubs so I have been blessed with many gigs (unpaid of course). I am using these gigs to perform my original music in order to continue to perfect instilling more passion. I am getting good feedback which helps me to gauge my progress. 

   If you are in Seoul please check my calendar and try to come to a show! If not, be sure to subscribe to my YOUTUBE CHANNEL where I am regularly uploading new video clips as they happen. 

   You can also read my BLOG

   Peace and Blessings to you all! 




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