Nashua Telegraph

“The music beckons, invites you to sit down, listen a while, let your thoughts float.”

Jam Music Magazine

"I love it. It's the echo effect, the chanting and repeating of the same few lines in a sort of a round. It's hypnotic."

FolkNotes of Israel

“Rahel is a virtual cornerstone in the folk musical scene. She has created a mature and modern sound with its sometimes driving rhythms and sometimes gentle sounds. There are hints of jazz, Middle East blends, further East mantras.”

A Fan

"I have not encountered anything like it before. Very inspiring."

A Fan

“Rahel’s music was new to me and I had to consciously set aside my old thinking and expectations to really listen. Now, I can't stop listening to it and thinking about it.”

A Fan

"Your music is amazing, very relaxing and magical. I respect your uniqueness!!!"

A Fan

"I love your 'folky' traditional sound while still managing to give it that little bit of rock edge!"

A Fan

"I like the ’world’ sound."


"Cool Tunes! You definitely have your own special sound."

Jerusalem Post

“It's nice to see Jewish music being made by women who are spiritual in their own way.”

Spirit of Change

“Rahel's 'Tikkun' brings a new twist to traditional Jewish philosophy and spiritual trends. Inspired lyrics in both Hebrew and English reach deeply into the Psalms and Mosaic wisdom for both poetry and enlightenment."

Sister of Cancer Patient

"Thank you for sharing your gifts with my sister. She was blessed to have you come into her life. You had such an enormous impact on her. You filled a void in her life that no-one else could as a compassionate bearer of peace, comfort, faith, spirit and friendship. After your visits she was always happier and genuinely uplifted. She loved when you sang and she repeatedly played your CD. You were a significant help to her peace of mind. People like you are rare."


"Rahel composed a musical piece that follows Rebbe Nachman of Bratslav’s "Tikkun" – his "General Remedy". It is the centerpiece of a special service that gives time for the prayers to unfold and offers the opportunity of using Rahel’s musical prayer for solitude, meditation or relaxation. I find the service an unusual opportunity for Shabbat peace."

Children's Musician

"I admire your ability to express and share your spirituality in music."

Chicago Blues Artist

"Rahel's uplifting combination of sparkling music and deep poetic lyrics rock, rolls and folks her audience into a higher level of consciousness."

A Letter of Praise & Encouragement

Dear Rahel,

I wonder whether you realize what a tremendous job you have done. Without your insight and hard work and determination there would be no Listen Like Learn Association in Israel and no classes for children and babies who need them.

You are a very humble person and are capable of working for a cause (Music for Babies and Young Children) which we all feel is worthwhile, but only you have made it possible to increase musical opportunities for our children.

To me, you are a very special person.

My love,


** Barbara Cass-Beggs z"l(1904-1990), British/Canadian music education pioneer founded the "Listen Like Learn" and "Your Baby Needs Music" programs for infants to 7 yr. olds. Rahel worked closely with Barbara from 1986-1990 establishing the "Listen Like Learn Association" in Israel and setting up music programs around Israel. Contact Rahel to learn more about these fabulous programs and also about Dr. Betsy Diamant-Cohen's "Mother Goose on the Loose" program


"I love how the music is very calming yet encourages active listening."

Children's Musicians

"There is a huge need for good, singable, usable Hebrew music for very young children. Rahel definitely fills that need with her CD Your Child Needs Music. What a great way for children (and grownups) to learn Hebrew!"


"Your music is beautiful and you really make an impression on a lot of people. I love your music."


"Your songs are beautiful. It was so nice to sing with you."

Craig 'N Co

"Your music continues to be a source of joy and inspiration."

The Baal Shem Tones

"Your songwriting is unusually good. I mean really GOOD."

Temple Emmanuel of Wakefield

"Rahel brought to our Shabbat services a pleasant and heimish musical experience which wafted gracefully from the upbeat to the meditative. Rahel's experience in the world of Jewish liturgical music is vast and she has worked extensively with a wide diversity of Jewish communities, ranging from the Ultra-Orthodox to Modern Reform and everything in between. She is a consummate professional, pleasant to work with. I recommend her highly!

Israel Solidarity Rally, Jewish Federation of the North Shore

- Israel Solidarity Rally held at Temple Ner Tamid in Peabody, MA in partnership with North Shore synagogues and the Jewish Federation of the North Shore.