A Musical Lodestar

"A breath of fresh air." 

"Makes my heart feel good!" 

~ ~ ~


Music by Rahel רחל (aka Acoustic Breezes)


Rahel's music is in a league of its own.  

Sonically refreshing and eminently beautiful.


A gifted, soulful songwriter, Rahel has a lot to say, and she says it well with a beautiful, diverse, collection of songs that are well-crafted, intelligent and musically sophisticated. 

There are hints of jazz, Middle East blends, further East mantras with sometimes driving rhythms and sometimes gentle sounds.


The Healing Light Project 


Music - Not Just a Hobby


The Cost of Free vs the Price of Free   


Listen to  the sounds... 


  • "Music, for me, has been a gateway to experiencing life and cultures from around the world. I particularly enjoy house concerts, open air markets and street singing because I can mingle and meet with extraordinary people." - Rahel

 I was so moved by Rahel’s performance—passionate, gritty and nostalgic musings—all delivered with heart. (Stephanie K)

 I was profoundly moved by Rahel's performance. Her guitar playing, her lyrics and her emotionally compelling interpretation of her own words, continues to haunt me. (Richard E.) 

  • There is a special quality to Rahel's voice that keeps me listening." (Bernadine - New England Songwriters Guild) 
  • "I love the 'folky' traditional sound while still managing to give it that little bit of rock edge!"  (Rach)

 "I have not encountered anything like it before. Very inspiring." (Daryll – Singer Songwriter) 

  • “I like the ‘world’ sound.” (Lori) 
  • "The music beckons, invites you to sit down, listen a while, let your thoughts float." (Phyllis Thomas - Telegraph) 
  • FRANK ZAPPA endorses Acoustic Breezes - Rahel (well, kind of!)


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