"Acoustic Breezes" ~ Rahel רחל


 "A breath of fresh air."

"Makes my heart feel good!"


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Come journey with Rahel - travel the world, find inspiration in exotic cultures and relax to the sparkling sounds of the acoustic guitar, Rahel's expressive vocals and her compelling songs from across the millennium. 



 "Rahel is a woman of great faith, and she can cover many emotional bases through the language of music alone. A gifted, soulful songwriter, she has a lot to say, and she says it well with a beautiful, diverse, collection of songs." - Victoria Arico, Songwriter


"An acoustic mix of folk, jazz, Americana, Middle East blends and further East mantras with sometimes driving rhythms and sometimes gentle sounds. Beautiful progressive rhythmic and finger-style guitar combine with strong expressive vocals to create a wealth of unique "free-verse" style award-winning songs." - FolkNotes, Israel


   The sky's the limit for where Rahel appears! 


Music has given me the gift of performing in wonderful venues and communities around the world. Below is the "short list" of some of my favorites (there are too many to list all of them). My absolute favorite venue is street singing. I look forward to sharing my music with YOU!


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  • Roxy Theater, Atlanta, GA
  • New England Folk Festival (NEFFA)
  • Lowell Culture Fest
  • Pumpkin & Numerous Festivals in NH
  • Farmer’s Markets in NH
  • Summer Music Series in NH
  • Wilton & Jewish Film Festivals
  • City Arts Nashua Art Walk & Winter Stroll
  • Mariposa Museum of Folk Art
  • Pratt Library Systems in Maryland
  • National Havurah Committee Retreats
  • CAJE
  • sTart on the Street (Worcester, MA) 
  • Community Hospice House
  • Senior Residences & Nursing Homes
  • Synagogues and Churches
  • Libraries
  • Radio & TV (WSMN , M-CAM TV, Winchester -MA TV, Malden-MA TV, WERS, The Song on FCAT)


 In Israel:  

  • Jacob's Ladder Folk Festival 
  • Ein Hod Artists Village
  • Janco-Dada Museum
  • Kol Israel Radio & TV
  • Binyanay Ha'Uma
  • Gerar Behar Theater
  • Pargod Theater
  • Tzavta Theater
  • AACI
  • Israel Folk Clubs 
  • Israel Museum
  • Neve Yerushalayim
  • NCSY Israel Center 
  • Train Theater
  • Gan HaPa'amon
  • Jerusalem Biblical Zoo
  • Hebrew University